Oxygen: create more efficient test cases much faster!

Key features

  • IDE to create simplified model of tested application - the process is fast and straightforward. You can draw the model directly in the IDE or import it from Enterprise Architect.
  • Supports testing of processes, business workflows and consistency of data objects.
  • When the simple model is done, just select level of coverage and let the Oxygen generate the test cases automatically.
  • You can adjust the level of coverage and optimize the test cases to be more or less intensive (because we care about the number of steps - total effort needed).
  • Model elements and test cases can be imported and exported in open formats based on XML, CSV and JSON (so their load to test management tool is enabled).
  • Static testing features are also in place in the tool.

Sample from the initial demo

  • Now much more features and testing techniques are being added!

Oxygen initial demo

Powered by our research

  • At the Dept. of Computer Science, FEE, CTU Prague, we are trying to invent new more efficient techniques for software testing. This also covers algorithms for generation of efficient test cases. We are using these results in the Oxygen system.

Interested in a demo?

  • Definitely, let's try it and give us the feedback. But please wait a while. Currently, we are preparing new version of the system for you. The release is expected in Q1 2017.


Miroslav Bures, Dept. of Computer Science, FEE, CTU Prague

miroslav [dot] bures [at] fel [dot] cvut [dot] cz